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Sarah Kirwan, MSPA


I am an instinctive activist and tireless advocate, driven by a deep desire for—and vision of—equity and inclusion for everyone living with a disability.

Professional & Lived Experience

Sarah is a disability consultant and public administration professional with more than 25-years of experience, and her work and research for the last decade has focused on healthcare administration, communications, training, and policy. In 2011, Sarah was diagnosed with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis, and in 2019, she was diagnosed with Superior Semi-Circular Canal Dehiscence, a rare inner-ear disorder. This combination of personal and professional experience has made her a trusted resource in her sphere of influence, and a passionate disability rights champion. Sarah has appeared in several advocacy videos for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and she’s been interviewed for feature articles in Prevention Magazine. Sarah earned her Master of Science in Public Administration degree from California State University, Los Angeles.

Disability Consultant Providing Customized, Relevant Support

Sarah is a natural leader who understands that people want to be seen and valued for who they are, and that means meeting people where they are. By working with clients to quickly cut through barriers and identify key organizational needs and strategies, she’s able to deliver customized and relevant consulting, training, coaching, and key note talks that transform mindsets and behaviors, improve outcomes, and affect positive culture change. In addition, it promotes awareness, fosters acceptance, and advances understanding of disability at all levels within an organization. Her personal story of resilience, professional story of reinvention, natural curiosity, quick-witted humor, and genuine frankness give her a unique perspective and ability to empower clients to take comfort in their discomfort, strengthen critical thinking and communications skills, develop trust, and bring out the best in themselves and their teams.

Born and raised in Iowa, Sarah moved to Los Angeles shortly after receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in English, Journalism, and Mass Communications from the University of Iowa. She also holds a Master of Science in Public Administration degree from California State University, Los Angeles, and has worked across various industries, including healthcare, higher education, nonprofit, government, entertainment, politics, telecommunications, finance, agriculture, wellness, and more.

She’s currently a member of the Leadership Council for the National Small Business Association, and a Board Member for Shield Maidens Wheelchair Basketball. In addition, Sarah is a member of the National Diversity Council and California Diversity Council.

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Eye Level facilitates critical conversations to connect communities and drive positive social change for people living with disabilities.


Equity and inclusion for all people living with disabilities.



We are honest, open, genuine, and transparent.

We create strong relationships built on trust.

We recognize each unique individual for who and where they are.


We are a powerful and rousing force.

We give and get deep meaning from our work.

We value thoughts, feelings, dreams, inspirations, ideas, and creativity.


We express interest, concern, and compassion for all.

We want to know and understand different perspectives and circumstances.

We connect through shared experiences.


We honor our commitments to ourselves and others.

We take ownership of and responsibility for our successes and shortcomings.

We are consistent in our thoughts, words, and actions.


We create win-win relationships through cooperation and shared vision.

We voice our expectations, share information, and engage with others.

We build trust and foster understanding to support critical conversations.

Meet Sarah Kirwan

I’m a direct and honest person, who’s inquisitive and down-to-earth. I love research; the process of collecting and analyzing data is like putting together a giant puzzle for me. And I edit everything I read for grammatical and sentence structure errors, from menus to advertisements and everything in between. My parents nicknamed me Birddog at a young age, because once I have my mind set on something, I’m relentless. And I’m currently living my most authentic and fulfilling life using my voice for critical conversations at eye level.

I live with my husband and three dogs in Santa Maria, California, where we co-lead a Multiple Sclerosis Self-Help Group. I also coach women’s wheelchair basketball, volunteer with the NAACP, hang out at the dog beach as much as possible, and over-love all my indoor and outdoor plants.

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