Incorporate disability inclusion with confidence.

We create a safe space for real, uncomfortable conversations that build and sustain more equitable workplaces.


Disability impacts everyone.

It overlaps and intersects with all social categorizations, including race, nationality, age, gender identity and expression, culture, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, and socio-economic level. This interconnectedness creates interdependent systems of oppression, prejudice, and disadvantage. Organizations that prioritize intersectionality enable employees to embrace, express, and celebrate all aspects of themselves – without fear of discrimination and retaliation in the workplace.

61 million adults

61 million adults

26% of the population

26% of the population

1 in 4 people

1 in 4 people

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 61 million, or 26%, or one in four people in the United States, live with a disability.

While numerous studies have proven the business benefits of including people with disabilities in strategic DEIA initiatives, and many companies want to include this community in their efforts, they often don't know where to start. Eye Level can help your business incorporate disability inclusion with confidence by creating a safe space where people feel comfortable asking questions and making mistakes. This environment promotes reflective conversations around difficult topics, which builds and sustains more equitable workspaces.

Good intentions don't challenge the status quo or change the narrative for disabled people. Show the world that you value everybody and support your employees in showing up as their full selves by contacting Eye Level today!

Helping build more equitable spaces.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility (DEIA)

At Eye Level, we recognize that “one size fits all” is never true when it comes to DEIA initiatives. We also understand that an inclusive culture is critical to increasing retention, morale, productivity, and performance. As your strategic thought partner, we collaborate across disciplines to help advance culture and ensure your business welcomes everybody.

Adaptive Sports and Recreation

At Eye Level, we specialize in creating, managing, and implementing adaptive sports and recreation programs. From training and education to sustainability, we have a proven 10-year track record of success in harnessing the power of sport for positive social change. As your tactical thought partner, we collaborate across departments to help you value everybody.

Public Speaking

Sarah is a charismatic speaker. Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and a rare Vestibular Disease, she has the ability to translate her experiences into unique stories about resilience, recovery, and reentry into life. Sarah believes in the power of connection through shared experiences and that storytelling builds bridges between disconnected communities.

Check out these testimonials!

When we were in the beginning stages of our nonprofit, Sarah facilitated conversations that helped us identify our goals and values. She was also instrumental in drafting client - and donor - facing communications. Most importantly, she helped us determine our organizational purpose with a clear roadmap for future growth. We would not have thought as ambitiously about our reach, nor would we have such a focused path into the future. Shield Maidens Wheelchair Basketball would not have the impact it does now without the help of Sarah and Eye Level Communications, LLC, and we are immensely grateful!

—Molly Bloom, Co-Founder
Shield Maidens Wheelchair Basketball

Sarah walked our organization, Operation Surf, through an entire organizational realignment. She supported our leadership, provided excellent consultation, and helped us navigate the stressful growth of redefining our Mission, Vision, and Values. Her collective experience and energetic personality made the whole process enjoyable and effective. We walked away with a strong first step on our path of change for the better. She helped us rebuild our organization's foundation in the best way possible and we continue to build off of it today. Highly recommend Eye Level Communications, LLC!

—Amanda Curaza, Executive Director
Operation Surf

Sarah and Eye Level have been amazing to collaborate with over the past few years. Her Disability 101 training received such positive feedback that we decided to bring her back as a keynote speaker, to discuss Effective Disability Communications and Understanding Inclusion in Community Recreation. For each occasion, she was able to customize the content to meet our staff training needs. She ALWAYS brings a wealth of knowledge to our employees, while keeping them engaged in the conversation. I definitely recommend inviting Sarah to speak at your next event or training session. I know we're looking forward to working with her again in the future!

—Jason Wong, Therapeutic Recreation Coordinator
City of Carson, California

We were truly blessed to come across Sarah Kirwan and Eye Level Communications. She is a versatile individual who quickly grasped the essential needs of our branding and developed a new mission, value, and vision positioning that was unique to our organization while keeping our company’s identity intact. Her work ethic is second to none and through her efforts she led our teams to successfully create a complete market-researched outline and new business development roll out package for a new division that is targeted to have a significant impact on our organizational initiative growth for years to come. What I appreciate most is her continued drive and motivation to excel. I could go on and on about Sarah, but you will see once you get involved with her that she’s the real deal!

Chris Vasquez, President
HighPointe Service

Meeting Everyone at Eye Level

Eye Level Origin Story

Eye Level means seeing people for who they are and meeting people where they are. It was inspired by a weekend spent with girlfriends and teammates playing wheelchair basketball. Without these women for support and empowerment, Eye Level would not be what it is today.

Our logo represents the nuances that exist in people and communities. It is comprised of multiple individuals, all of whom are different. Different sizes, shapes, colors, abilities, and identities. And the colors are curated from those contained in the iris of our eyes.


Sarah Kirwan, MSPA

Eye Level Founder and CEO

Welcome, visionaries!

I’m Sarah, the founder and CEO of Eye Level Communications, LLC, a disability- and woman-owned small business, based in California. I’m also the creator, producer, and host of the Incluse This! Podcast, a movement for disability equity.

I am an instinctive activist and tireless advocate, driven by a deep desire for – and vision of – access, inclusion, belonging, and equity for everyone.

Sarah Kirwan

Meeting Clients & Partners Eye Level

Michigan Diversity Council

Incluse This! Podcast


Incluse This! is not just a podcast – it’s a movement. We want to change conversations, perceptions, and policies, but most importantly, we want to change mindsets and how we think about disability in America. It’s a space created for the critical and sometimes uncomfortable conversations we must have, to progress the movement for disability equity forward. We amplify disabled voices, tackle the intersectionality that naturally exists for people living with disabilities, connect everyone through shared experiences, and work alongside disability allies to unify the disability community.

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